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Ayurvedic Eye Treatment - Akshi Tarpana

Akshi Tarpana or Netra Tarpana is an ayurvedic eye treatment. Akshi or Netra means eyes, while Tarpana means to nourish. Thus, this treatment imparts strength and nourishment to the eyes. It is specifically done to protect the eyes from degeneration due to aging and to improve eyesight. This procedure is done with the patient lying down, a dough barrier is then moulded and enclosed around the patients’ eyes so that the medicine can be held within this barrier. Medicated ghee is then filled into the barrier and the patient is left to remain in this position while the medicines are absorbed into the eyes. After a few minutes, the barrier is removed, and the face is cleaned. This procedure is repeated over several days after carefully evaluating the patient and the condition.

  • Useful in diabetic retinopathy (1), conjunctivitis, glaucoma, painful or swollen eyes, blurred vision, Myopia (2), Night blindness, reduces dark circles, Nystagmus, the opacity of the cornea, orbital cellulitis, et
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