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Nadi Pariksha - Pulse Diagnosis

One of the primary diagnostic tools used in Ayurveda is pulse diagnosis (traditionally known as Nadi Pariksha). The pulse can give us a deeper understanding of one's physiology and any abnormalities or pathological changes occurring within the body. This is a tool shared by traditional Chinese medicine and has been well researched (see clinical study). Pulse diagnosis is done by the doctor applying three fingers to three specific points located above the wrist of the patient. These three points are associated with the three groups of physiological systems that Ayurveda measures to determine whether one is in a state of health or disease. Traditionally these groups of physiological systems are referred to as Doshas. These doshas are considered as the fundamental elements of health, which when imbalanced results in disease. With pulse diagnosis, an Ayurvedic doctor can analyze and pinpoint the abnormality and location of the disease.
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