Panchakarma Treatment and Cleanse

Panchakarma treatment is one of the foremost Ayurvedic specialities used to treat disease. This is attained with medicinally- herb-infused oils, external treatments (including medicated- oil massage), steam therapy, application of medicinal herb pastes, intra- nasal administration (33), emetic therapy (34), medicated enemas (35), and colon cleansing (36). Panchakarma involves careful planning of these critical ayurvedic procedures, it is designed to remove the sensitive factors involved in the pathogenesis of disease only when they are unable to be metabolized or neutralized by the body. When undergoing panchakarma there are strict indications and contraindications that one has to adhere to. There is no such thing as predetermined panchakarma packages, each panchakarma procedure is personalized to a patient’s condition, taking into consideration their environment, the quality of food they consume, the lifestyle they lead, and the levels of stress they may experience. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that all disease starts in the digestive tract, and thus through panchakarma it is eliminated. Once this deep cleansing process is complete, the body can return to its normal and healthy functioning state. When this is achieved recurrence of the disease is less likely. It is also useful in preventing diseases that may occur due to seasonal changes. Panchakarma is an expert treatment modality that can only be administered by a qualified ayurvedic doctor, who meticulously analyses the quality and quantity of accumulated pathological factors in the system before recommending panchakarma treatment.
The following Clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Panchakarma in treating these conditions :
● Bronchial Asthma
● Osteoarthritis
● Sciatica
● Rheumatoid arthritis
● Psoriasis
● Infertility
● Type 2 diabetes
● Parkinson’s Disease

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