Akshi Tarpana - Ayurvedic Eye Tratement

Karna Purana is an ayurvedic ear treatment. “Karna” means ears, and “Purana” means to pour. The procedure involves the pouring of medicated oil into the ears, where it is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the auditory canal. It has immediate therapeutic benefits.

  • Cures stiffness of the neck and mandible
  • Relieves headaches that may be due to different causes
  • Relieves earache
  • Treats ear infections (1)
  • Relieves tinnitus (2)
Clinical Research:
  • https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311669482_Efficacy_of_Garlic_oil_in_Treatment_of_Active_Chronic_Suppurative_Otitis_Mediaw

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